The Old Museum Coffee Shop


For the last three years The Old Museum has been fed and watered by a group of musicians dressed up as baristas. They have been looking after our caffeine and gourmet snacks 6 days a week.

They arrive while its still dark, post photos of amazing sunrises over The Old Museum , and provide a smiling face for all of the office workers, our building staff and heritage maintenance teams.

Alex (or Bud Rokesky) is moving on, and the coffee shop is back in the hands of the Venue Office. We thank him for always opening up for us over the last few years, even with his growing family.

Caleb will bring FOX COFFEE Mon-Fri 0630-1200, Saturdays 0800-1200, and other times and dates for events.

Talk to us if you have an event here that needs a coffee shop as we still have a great team of musicians and dancers dressed as baristas! 

See images below showing various locations of the Coffee shop during renovation periods in the building.


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