The Old Museum location for screening and filming

The Old Museum has a long relationship with the film industry.

As the Royal Queensland Museum and Art Gallery, it was the site of the first Edison Kinetoscope on August 13 1895 in the Exhibition Building. This was a peepshow viewer, rather than a projector, where people paid the equivalent of 12 dollars to see five half minute films . ( Picturing Queensland:The Local, the National and the Global in Early Queensland Film Patrick Gerard)


Later on, in the early 1900's Carroll of Birch Carroll and Coyle fame, held open air movies on the site of the current Old Museum.

We have collected and showcased a number of videos showing clips from both music and major films, all shot on site at The Old Museum. One of the earliest was Jackie Chan Police Story IV or First Strike. This was filmed in many parts of Brisbane and particularly Fortitude Valley. It shows the building shortly after the Queensland Museum moved out, and while it was undergoing some restoration, hence the portable scaffolding.

In keeping with the buildings history of film and film making, Cine Retro show Classic film from the 30s-50s , in 35mm where prints are available. Enjoy shorts from National Film and Sound Archive, intermission , and then full length film on a large screen with Cinema Speakers. More information can be found on their program site. July 21 you can BYO supper and watch Autumn leaves (1956)  in the spacious halls of the Museum / Exhibition building.


See our Video page for some of Brisbane's best musicians that have used the Old Museum as a backdrop.

The Old Museum