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As there is so much interest in 'behind the scenes' of The Old Museum, each monday we will bring you some stories, images, and information that you may not find elsewhere on the web. 

This story relates to the upper gallery level of the Exhibition Hall wing.

As shown in the first image, the upper gallery floor was created soon after the end of the 1897 Intercolonial Exhibition. Prior to that the wing had been a large expanse, and few photos remain from that time. 

An interesting point to note is the stained glass window at the end of the Hall. Though not confirmed, the Old Museum features many examples of Freemasonry symbolism in architecture, and the architects responsible for the building were noted Freemasons. One of these features is the placement of the building on the block. This aligns with the path of the Sun on Summer solstice, such that originally the afternoon sun would have flooded the wing with spectacular coloured light. A feature long forgotten while the Qld Museum covered all windows with heavy drapes or paint, to protect artifacts.

More information regarding the history of the building is available online from The Old Museum Building Conservation Study, by Peter Marquis-Kyle


The Queensland Museum remained in the building until 1980s, before moving to Southbank. The Upper gallery levels have been closed for repair during this period, and temporary covers in place to manage lower internal spaces.


With the recent announcement by Qld Premier to set up a fund raising committee, chaired by Qld Governor, we look forward to this area receiving much needed attention, and becoming a spectacular public exhibition space.

The people of Brisbane can then look forward to the intended light created by this window, without the necessary blocking of the suns rays for the Museum installations. A sight not seen for more than 100 years

(similar heritage space in Northumberland, UK)

(similar heritage space in Northumberland, UK)




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